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    What would you do with an extra 3 days a month? Unlock the power of AI to help you do your marketing.


    Let AI Streamline Your Marketing Workflow

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    Why Use AI To Do Your Marketing For / With You? 

    As trainers, coaches and course creators you want to save time. Saving time means you can concentrate on creating courses and more powerful experiences for your clients and customers. Marketing can take not only a lot of time but also a lot of money too. Using AI means you save time and money.

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    Discover the power of AI marketing with our innovative course, designed specifically for UK small businesses and SMEs. Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionise your marketing strategy, from enhanced customer segmentation to cost-effective advertising and personalised experiences.

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    "How to do your own marketing effectively using AI in one day a month".

    "How to do your own marketing effectively using AI in one day a month".

    Master Your Own Marketing in Just over 1 Hour a Day, £200 a Month, and 3 Different Websites.
    In this how to guide you will get over 50 different prompts, over 100 different AI tools and a clear road map for your success.
    By the end of the book you will have learnt "How to do your own marketing effectively using AI in one day a month".
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  • Different books Dan has released.

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    The AI Advantage

    How to use AI to start your own business.

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    How to do amazing marketing

    Instantly with the power of AI

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    Conquer The Room

    How to become an amazing public speaker

  • Our blog mainly written with AI.

    Some thoughts from Dan Sodergren about the future of work and AI.

    Especially when it comes to AI in Marketing.

    Written with help from AI.

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