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The AI Marketing Course

"Unlocking AI Marketing Potential: Transform Your Small Business with the Best AI-Powered Strategies and Tools"

"Unlocking AI Marketing Potential: Transform Your Small Business with the Best AI-Powered Strategies and Tools" is a BRAND NEW comprehensive, easy-to-follow 10-video AI marketing course designed specifically for UK-based solo entrepreneurs, SMEs, and small business owners.

Not only this but this is the only course - that comes with fortnightly updates for the next year - with new tools and techniques due to the fast paced and every changing nature of AI.

This cutting-edge course is led by expert tutor, marketing agency owner, media spokesperson and tech entrepreneur Dan Sodergren, known for his extensive experience and insights in the digital marketing and AI space (learn more about Dan at

From Dan, attendees will learn how to leverage AI-driven strategies to revolutionise their digital marketing efforts, resulting in increased sales and rapid business growth.

Course Description:

1. Introduction to AI Marketing: Understand the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on the world of small business and SME marketing.

2. Introduction to the main AI concepts: Understanding the power of prompts and super prompts, character building and 3rdp party tool use as well as getting to grips with GPT4.

3. Introduction to Marketing Concepts: Some strategic thinking around marketing and our own time and how we can use AI to help with larger thinking around demographics and customer acquisition.

4. AI-Powered SEO Techniques for Digital Marketing: Learn how to use AI-driven tools to optimize your website content through keyword research, competitor analysis, and personalized content creation.

5. Tailored Email Campaigns with AI: Discover how to create hyper-personalized email campaigns using AI-generated subject lines and dynamic content optimization.

6. Social Media Automation & Analysis: Harness AI-based tools to automate social media posting, targeting, and sentiment analysis, improving your online brand presence.

7. Content Marketing with AI-Driven Strategies: Unleash the power of natural language processing and machine learning to generate high-quality blog articles, video scripts, and social media posts.

8. Top AI Platforms & Technologies for Marketers: Get an overview of the best artificial intelligence marketing platforms, tools, and services available in the UK marketplace.

9. Crafting Your AI Marketing Roadmap: Create a powerful, tailored AI-driven marketing plan to implement these strategies and elevate your small business or solo venture to new heights.

10. The future and AI: Some of the more out there ideas on what AI can do and what it will be able to do as well including Chatbots and Conversational AI,, Customer Segmentation & Personalization Using AI-Powered Tools, and AI-Enabled Analytics & Insights for SMEs.

By attending this innovative course, participants will gain practical knowledge of artificial intelligence concepts and applications, enabling them to:

- Master the most effective AI-powered marketing tools

- Implement AI-driven marketing strategies for their small businesses or solo ventures

- Outperform competitors using data-backed decision-making processes

- Enhance customer experience through personalization and automation

- Expand their digital marketing skillset and stay ahead of industry trends

In addition to the valuable content and guidance provided throughout the course, participants will also gain access to an exclusive community update led by Dan Sodergren every two weeks.

These fortnightly updates will cover the latest developments in the world of AI, new tools emerging in the market, and essential tips for staying ahead in this rapidly changing industry – all of this invaluable knowledge is included in the course price for free!

This unique offering sets our course apart from others, as we are the first to provide such on-going support and education in the AI marketing field.

Enrol now to unlock the full potential of AI marketing and transform your UK-based business or SME into a thriving, future-proof enterprise.