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Happy International Women's Day

With two special offer ideas and giveaways...

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Happy International Women’s Day

Did you know this year's official theme from the UN is:

Invest in women: Accelerate progress for #InternationalWomensDay.

So for the first 10 women to email me back.

Today only. You all get the chance to win £479 worth of

My AI Marketing course training FOR FREE.

Thanks to the AI Marketing Course

I can help and invest in women

Action NOT just words.

For everyone woman on my list.

Ready to master LinkedIn and take your career to the next level?

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For every female name on the list TODAY.

You will get the LinkedIn course for free.

When it comes out next week… Date TBC.

Normal RRP see below…

What is the price of the course tomorrow?

I ran a few different polls on Twitter, Substack and LinkedIn. The general consensus was to charge for the LinkedIn beginners course.

As it takes time to make it, write it and produce it.

Also the tips are how I got to 25,000 followers.

The poll results are averaged below…

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But for every female name on the score app list*.

You will get the LinkedIn course for free.

This is for #InternationalWomensDay.

And give your email address in.

Takes 2 minutes.

It means I can do “crazy” things like this.

It won’t be the last.

Happy #IWD24.

Yours sincerely

PS If you don’t like that I have done this - probably best you unsubscribe.

PPS. If you don’t like I am supporting women - have chat with yourself.

And why training or education for investing in as….

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